Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nasty Habit reviewed by Steve Jones

Nasty Habit
Ron Dziubla
Rip Cat Records
11 tracks

I love surprises and this CD was a surprise that I really enjoyed.  Featuring sax man Ron Dziubla on tenor and baritone sax, farfisa and piano, it’s an instrumental ride through swinging and jazzy blues from a session man who needs some recognition on his own.  With Pete Curry on drums, Sam Bolle on bass, R.J Ronquillo and Intveld sharing the guitar duties and Mia Muse providing the only vocals (just some sexy spoken words and heavy breathing on “Lemon Drop Martini”), this is a great little CD that will get you blood flowing and heart racing faster.

Two moving covers and nine originals fill up this CD.  A sexy “Harlem Nocturne” is the first cover and Dziubla is blisteringly hot and dirty.  “Night Train” is the other cover and Dzuibla freshens this up with more than a little lipstick– he delivers a great performance here.

Dzuibla has penned some great cuts and turned in some devastatingly great performances.  “Loose” is a high speed sax attack. “Shaken and Stirred” offers super guitar work along with the sax.  “Bordello” is musical sex– moving, sweaty and grinding.  Songs like “Fine Time” and “Spy Step” (and all the others here) hearken back to smoky lounges with musicians baring their hearts and souls for appreciative fans!

I really loved this CD and anyone needing a hot, swinging saxophone record of jazzy blues needs to check this baby out!  Dzuibla can wield his horn with the best of them– highly recommended.

Reviewed by Steve Jones

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