Sunday, November 9, 2008

Overnight Sensation reviewed by Rick Hein

Overnight Sensation
Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band
Delta Groove Music, Inc.
13 tracks

Overnight Sensation is the second CD from this San Francisco Bay area band led by vocalist Jackie Payne and guitarist Steve Edmonson. The 13 tracks offer something for everyone: soul, blues, R&B, and more, seamlessly mixed together to give this disc a timeless feel; it sounds like it could be a record from any time in the last 40 years.

The band, along with Payne and Edmonson, is bass player Bill Singletary, drummer Nick Otis, Carl Green on sax, Lech Wierzynski on trumpet, plus special guests.

My favorites include the two straight ahead blues numbers; “Mother-in-law blues”, and “I got a mind to go to Chicago”, the latter featuring Mitch Kashmar ‘s harmonica. These reflect my own musical taste. As mentioned, there is something for everyone here. I am sure others will love the medley “She’s looking good/I’ve never found a girl” showcasing Payne’s vocals, or the guitar and horns interplay of Edmonson’s instrumental “Bringin’ me right back”. Two cuts: “Can I hit it again”, and “Bag full of doorknobs”, went against my musical preference. The disc wraps up with a majestic cover of Charlie Rich’s “Feel Like Going Home”. This simple country ballad is glorified into a full blown soul/gospel classic, and the CD is worth it for this one cut alone.

Overall, an impressive second effort for these guys. Great horns, vocals, guitar, and guest performances. If you like blues, soul, R/&B, any and all of the above, Payne and Edmonson deliver sensationally!

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