Monday, December 19, 2016

Issuu Newsletter Archive

Beginning in July 2012, we began to post our bi-monthly newsletters on  This is a great magazine publishing website.  We continued to post individual reviews here on our Google Blog through the middle of 2014 but the administrative burdent of duplicates got to be too great.  There are now over 4 years of newsletters on Issuu.

Now averaging over 30 reviews and 32 pages per issue of our newsletter, Issuu affords us a great way for you to read or even download our newsletters.  They are published bimonthly for our members.  When we are gettting ready to send our new newsletter out the old one is posted to Issuu.  If you want to receive these in a more timely manner and help us out, then join Crossroads and get the newsletter directly.  You can do that on our website.