Saturday, September 11, 2010

Side One reviewed by Harmonica Joe

Side One
The Mighty Jivesters
Jasco (Self-produced)
Demo 6 tracks/ 22:05

I have just received a very interesting CD to listen to and review. After several times through it I am really impressed with this recording project. The bandleader of the Mighty Jivesters, Jasco, has chosen to send many of copies of the band’s 6 track CD to a whole bunch of blues societies to listen to and enjoy. The disc is called “Side One”. This is fine but after listening to it you wish that it also had a “Side Two”.

The Mighty Jivesters is made up of four fine professional musicians. All of them have been doing music for many years. The leader, Jasco, is the guitarist as well as a songwriter. Andras Csapo, AC, does vocals, plays harmonica and piano plus is also a songwriter. Joining the band on bass is Dave Foret and also Ryan Sapp doing a great job on drums. For more bio info you may check out the bands website.

The lead in track of the CD is “Anybody Will Do”, which is kind of a slick bluesy rock song. Jasco is featured here using the slide guitar in the rhythm guitar part. This is very cool and unique. He also has a very strong lead guitar solo on this track. Right from the start we become aware of A. Caspo’s, AC, harmonica playing ability. This man plays the harp with great feeling, fine tone and depth with an edge to it. AC also has his own vocal style of which is quite likable also. Jasco and AC did a fine job writing this song.

“Sailing On” is one of my favorite tunes of the six on the CD. It is a slow blues based ballet. Jasco really has a smooth guitar solo featured on this track. Here again we have AC doing another very smooth heart felt harmonica solo as well as some awesome piano playing. Ryan Sapp’s fine drumming comes out also clear on this tune. This is some good stuff to listen to.

“AC Boogie” is just that, an instrumental boogie showcasing all of The Mighty Jivesters. AC is pounding away on the boogie-woogie piano while Jasco does the fiery guitar licks. Also there is a fine bass line from Dave Foret and Ryan Sapp whacking away on the drums. AC plays some really tasteful harp adding to the quality of this tune. This track is an ideal platform to show case the whole band.

I would like to give my thanks to Jasco and The Mighty Jivesters for sending this CD out to a bunch of blues societies. I also hope that 6 more tunes are added to it and it becomes a full record CD. This CD can be purchased at the bands web site for $6 also.

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