Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ringers reviewed by Harmonica Joe


Watermelon Slim
Northern Blues
14 Tracks/54:07

Watermelon Slim’s, newest recording, “Ringers”, released by Northern Blues Music Inc., is just that. I put the disc in the player without reading the liner notes or the press release. To my surprise, I was hit with a full- blown country tune in Watermelon Slim style.

Not being a big country fan, I said to myself, “Where do I do I go with a review of this CD?” How do I change a Memphis style country recording into a blues CD revue?” This will not be an easy task for me to do. So here I go on an unknown journey into the country genre

First I listened to “Ringers” several times with an open mind. Then I tried to find the blues within this recording that are surface though thegenius of Watermelon Slim’s music. I was sure that in the lyrics, his guitar playing and his harmonica skills that I would find it.

This recording starts off with “Good Old Boys Never Change”. This just sounds country to me. It is an all out twang-filled country tune. “Watermelon Slim’s harmonica playing is really swell on this tune. In a fine country style.

“Truck Driving Buddy” to me is like a Keb Mo’ style tune which has a nice blues flair to it. Watermelon Slim’s lyrics fill the tune with words of loneliness on the road and the lady at home waiting for your return. These lyrics are blues filled!

Watermelon Slim’s new CD, “Ringers”, is a very well done country recording. I guess it is even called that now that I’ve read the liner notes. Every track is filled with great heartfelt lyrics, Watermelon Slim’s great guitar playing and a great backup band. This is all good stuff for a country CD but I really prefer enjoying Watermelon Slim doing the blues stright up live on stage and on CD’s. Check out Watermelon Slim (Bill Homans) at

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Unknown said...

Don't fret! Watermelon Slim drops a new live DVD on 9/21 - recorded in Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, MS with special guests Charlie Musselwhite, Jimbo Mathus and others.