Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey Jodie! reviewed by Mark Thompson

Hey Jodie!
Quintus MCCormick
Demark Recods
15 tracks

Having been given this CD to review by Big Brother Mark at the recent West Side Andy show on my Birthday (he took advantage of me during a weak moment), I feel a bit pressured having to live up to the standards he & others from CBS have set for reviews but I will give it my best shot. Quintus was born in Detroit in 1957 & moved to Chicago in the late 70's. His grandma bought him his first Strat after he'd only been playing for 7 months. He attended Columbia College in Chicago ( a Major School for the Arts) & graduated in 1994 with a music degree. When in school, he was a sideman for Lefty Dizz, James Cotton, A.C. Reed & Otis Clay earning spending money while in school. He was influenced by Hendrix, Jimmy Page & Humble Pie before turning to pop music. His intro to the Blues changed him forever.

This is his first Delmark release that delves into the real roots of R&B more so than just Blues. The voice & lyrics are THE mainstay with the music taking a second seat. Not that you don't hear the band (bass, drums, keyboard, harp, trumpet, tenor & baritone sax) but it supports the songs rather than dominates them. Quintus has strong vocals that evoke emotions & remind one of the Otis Redding / Marvin Gaye days of old. He is also an accomplished guitarist but chooses few occasions to showcase as again, the band lays the groundwork for the vocals to shine.

“Hey Jodie!”, the title tune (oh yeah - dictionary definition is a ‘Back Door Lover’), starts us off with what you'd expect from a true R&B artist with horns & all reminding one of Otis Redding days gone by. “Get Some Business” starts off with a traditional blues lick, a driving bass line & keyboards backing the vocals. “What Goes Around Comes Around” begins with a lengthy guitar solo leading into your typical down & dirty blues tune with all the fixins'. “You Should Learn From This” made me think, "Fool Me Once - Shame on You: Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me" with it's upbeat tempo while the horns spicing up the tune. 50 / 50 - a smooth easy offering with horns, harp leading us down the music road. “You Got To Do Me Better Than That” - a Joe Louis Walker sounding offering. “I'm Alright Now” made me think I'd gone back to the 60's at the instant it began, I heard “She Likes Bread & Butter” (that's the lick) but it works. Get That Money - a rockin' up tempo tune that adds backing vocals for some spice. “Hot Lovin' Woman” is a very soulful offering. “Plano Texas Blues” reminded me of a W.C. Clark offering (I do like him). “I'm a Good Man, Baby” is more of what you'd expect from a current blues-man. “I Wasn't Thinking” is where we get a bit funky (probably his 70's Pop influence coming out). “There Ain't No Right Way To Do Wrong’ is the lone laid back tune on the CD with life's lessons the centerpiece. “You Got It” gets back to the funk, he was in the mood to get down. “Let The Good Times Roll” is the only thing left was to get rolling, here the piano taking center stage (what else!) for some boogie woogie,

If you're tired of being overpowered by the music & long for the days of real R&B, Quintus has given a good shot at reviving this genre. He has learned from some of the best, his talents are on full display with this release & he would be someone to see live for the full experience.

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