Monday, September 7, 2009

It Ain’t Over- Delmark Celebrates 55 Years of Blues reviewed by Harmonica Joe

It Ain’t Over- Delmark Celebrates 55 Years of Blues
Assorted Artists
Delmark Records
DVD 14 tracks/80 minutes
CD 11 tracks/67 minutes

Delmark Records recently released a new DVD and CD, "IT AIN'T OVER". This project celebrates 55 years of blues recordings by Delmark Records. This release was recorded at Buddy Guys Legends in Chicago. The DVD and CD include a great lineup of Chicago blues artists: Zora Jones, Jimmy Johnson, Aaron Moore, Little Arthur Duncan, Lurrie Bell, Shirley Johnson, Eddie Shaw and last but not least Tail Dragger. This is a heck of a lineup for a blues show.

The CD features 11outstanding tracks and the DVD has 5 bonus tracks on it The DVD also includes a proclamation from the mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, proclaming March 7, 2008. Delmark Records Day for Chicago. This was a very emotional presentation for Bob Koester, founder of Delmark Records. Good going to Bob; keeping the blues alive.

The CD by itself is really one fine blues recording, but watching the DVD will really make you appreciate what a fine job Bob Koester, Delmark Records and the fine blues artists do to keep the blues strong in Chicago (and elsewhere)! The DVD really shows off the feelings of the singers and musicians. This is great stuff, live on stage.

It would take pages to go on about each artist and tune included on "IT AIN'T OVER" DELMARK CELEBRATES 55 YEARS OF BLUES" Each track can stand on it's own. The musicians backing these fine singers and musicians are also outstanding. When you have Roosevelt Purifoy on keys, Kenny Smith on drums and Lurrie Bell on guitar for most of the tunes, how can it get any better?
I shouldn’t single out all of the fine artists on this recording but I can’t leave them out, either. The list includes, Marty Binder, Big D and Billy Branch , Bob Stroger, Dave Specter, Harlan Terson. Nick Moss, Kevin Shanahan, Scott Cable and Brother John Kattke. This is a very special lineup of blues artist. In " IT AIN'T OVER", Delmark Celebrates 55 Years Of Blues of real blues history to me.

For me to pick out songs or artists that are outstanding or that I like the best would be unfair, unwise and just impossible for me to do. There is not a thing that I do not like about the DVD or the CD. When either one ends I just feel like I want to start it all over again.

A special thought goes out to Little Arthur Duncan. He was a real blues gem! This is a great DVD and CD and I recommend them both!

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