Friday, June 20, 2008

The Original Eric Noden reviewed by Harmonica Joe

The Original Eric Noden
Eric Noden
Diving Duck Records
13 tracks

Eric Noden has just released his cd of all original tunes. "The Original Eric Noden" is a great mix of the 20-40's style of acoustic blues. Using the influences of Big Joe Williams, Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Willie McTell and Mississsippi JohnHurt (just to name a few), Eric has created a great music project true in their style. In my opinion, he has placed himself in the position to being an equal to them in musical prowess.

Eric's song writing ability has is insightful into his feelings on life. "Weep and Moan" is a minor keyed tune featuring Joe Filisko"s awesome harmonica playing. This tune is a real treat to listen to. Jimmy Sutton's bass playing adds a lot to this tune. "Weep and moan because you lost your happy home" just about sums up this song; it has some really meaningful lyrics. This is one of my favorite songs on the disc.

"Salt Rock Blues" is a tune about the tribulations of living in a cold weather environment. “Got salt in my shoes, salt in the streets and salt on my car" are lyrics that we can all relate to in our Mid-Western Winters. Joe Filisko's harmonic mastery is shown off again on this track and is a great addition.

Eric also has written two harmonica pieces for this project. He is also a very capable harmonica player and he does a fine job on these two tracks. "Turtle Creek" is a fox-chase rhythm tune played on a Auto-Valve harmonica. This harmonica being octave tuned gives the song an awesome sound. It actually sounds as if you are listening to more than one harmonica player. Great tune!

"The Original Eric Noden" project is very enjoyable to listen to. It is a showcase of Eric's musical knowledge, guitar playing, harmonica playing plus his lyrical abilities. His love of the music is very apparent. Eric has included some fine blues artists on this CD; Joe Filisko, Jimmie Sutton and Andy Cohen make this one outstanding recording. Eric is keeping the blues alive for us all with his outstanding efforts.
I have only listened to this CD about twenty times now. It is one that I will keep on playing.

Thanks for a great recording, Eric!

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