Friday, June 20, 2008

Hattiesburg Blues reviewed by Harmonica Joe

Hattiesburg Blues
Mississippi Heat
Delmark Records
13 tracks

Mississippi Heat's new CD, "Hattiesburg Blues," is another great Blues project from Pierre Lacocque! This collection of songs includes a Latin-Cuban blues influence, including Latin percussion. He has also added a gospel tune and the Chicago Horns to the project. With all of this, Pierre has created a great Blues CD.

Pierre is a very unique harmonica player. I use the term ‘player’ loosely, as he is a harmonica genius. His skills and heartfelt music are just outstanding. Pierre is also the song writer for most of the tunes and is the band leader. He has done an outstanding job with all of his chores. With the influences of Junior Wells and Walter Horton, Pierre has developed his own unique style and sound on the harmonica. His great tone and skill is just a treat to one's musical senses.

Inetta Visor is the lead singer for Mississippi. Simply put, Inetta is one great Blues singer. She always has great emotion in her singing. On the racy tune "Tiger Man", she belts out some super Blues lyrics that are truly heart felt. Ivetta also shows off her song writing ability on "Light From Within". This tune is a drag down love story type song. Inetta has done a great job with this one. Pierre is ever present with his outstanding harp playing. He also helped her write the music for this song.

The title track" Hattiesburg Blues" is a tango-like tune. The Latin influence is very present here. The addition of The Chicago Horns is a real plus on this song. This song is about his love for his Cuban born wife, Vickie, for her side of the family and his Latin God-Children. "Calypso In Blue" is a Latin based instrumental by Pierre Lococque. Pierre"s harp playing really stands out on this one. The addition of Ruben Alverez on Latin percussion is outstanding. Giles Corey’s guitar solos are also featured on "Calypso In Blue". This is another great tune!

Carl Weathersby has played guitar on all of Mississippi Heat's recording since 1998, except for "One Eye Open-Live At Rosa"s Lounge". Carl adds either his great solos or rhythm playing to every track on this CD. On "Hell And Back", Carl does a fine job on the vocals, too. Lurrie Bell joins the group on two tunes with both his vocals and guitar playing. "Chicago Is My Home" is a tune that fits Lurrie’s vocal and guitar style weller. Lurrie puts an edge on his guitar work that just makes it stand out. Pierre adds his high end harp playing to this track also.

I would say that Pierre Lacocque and Mississippi Heat have created anoth great hit with the release of "Hattieburgs Blues". One should by now get the feeling that I really enjoy this cd. That would be the least of it. I really do enjoy it and would recommend that it be added to your collection also.

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