Thursday, June 12, 2008

Long Time Coming reviewed by Steve Jones

Long Time Coming
Nappy Brown
Blind Pig Records
12 tracks

Nappy Brown truly still has it. His popularity in the 50’s and 60’s, his resurgence in the 80’s and now again prove his music is still as vital as he is. He was 77 when he recorded this CD last year, and based on seeing him last summer at Mississippi Valley I’d have to say he’s a regular Energizer Bunny. He may be playing, dancing and jiving until he’s well over 100.

This album features Brown doing a number of cool and soulful numbers, including his 1954 classic “Don’t Be Angry.” His tongue still rolls out the L’s as he did 50-plus years ago.
The CD is full of stuff that hearkens back to simpler times. Nappy’s ballads are things of immense beauty. He and the CD both earned nominations for Blues Music Awards.

Every track showcases Mr. Brown’s still exceptional vocals. This is a fine CD that fans of gospel infused blues ballads will enjoy and will be happy to have added it to their collection

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