Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bringin' It reviewed by Rick Davis

Bringin' It
Tweed Funk
Tweed Tone Records
10 Tracks

Tweed Funk is a hard group to categorize. On their new CD Bringin' It they mix a little R&B, soul, jazz, hip hop, blues, and a lot of funk together for a super funky CD. The group consists of Joseph "Smokey" Holman handling the vocals with a James Brown style delivery at times, originally a part of the band Love's Children touring in part with the Ohio Players around 1971. JD Optekar joins the group on guitar from the blue band Hounds Tooth, an acclaimed Wisconsin blue band playing some of the top regional blues festivals including Big Bull Falls, Prairie Dog Blues Festival, Nothin' But the Blues Festival, Paramount Blues Festival, and many others. Rounding out the group is Donnie Mac on bass, keyboards, and vocals with Marcus "MG" Gibbons on drums. Mac, grandson of the legendary Howlin' Wolf, has played with some top names such as BB King in the late 80's and Chaka Khan. Marcus Gibbons has toured and recorded with some of the biggest names in US over the past 15 years, including Keisha Cole, Aaron Moore, Harvey Scales, The Esquires, and as a member of BB King's house band in Memphis. 

"Blues Is The Truth" and "I Know" short tunes written by Optekar deliver a fine funky instrumental blend along with Holman belting out his smooth soulful vocals. "Super Mad Woman," a song written by Gibbons, is a blues based tune with Holman building his vocals as the song progresses. It is one of the best originals on the CD. Songs "B-Line" and "Testify" are funky tunes written by D. McGregor." "Testify" is guaranteed to put the funk in your step! Blues tune "My Baby's Alright" a blues tune written by JD Optekar features the excellent guitar work of Opterkar. The CD includes an incredible funky arrangement of Sly Stone's "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)." The CD concludes with a Gibbons/McGregor instrumental tune "Salsa Blues," showcasing the instrumental expertise of the entire band. The final number is a new and sensational arrangement of Optekar's blues tune "Black Coffee" done on both of the CDs produced by the Hounds Tooth this time with the smooth vocals of Joseph "Smokey" Holman.

I think a first class horn section would put this group over the top. This CD is great collection done by a world class funk band and hopefully we will hear more of Tweed Funk in the future!

Reviewed by Rick Davis

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