Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shake for Me reviewed by Rick Davis

Shake For Me
The Mannish Boys
Delta Groove Music
16 Tracks

The Mannish Boys are perhaps one of the best blues collaborations by some of the best contemporary blues artists today. Reviving the spirit of such legendary revues of the past as the American Folk Blues Festival, the Johnny Otis Show or The Ike Turner Revue, The Mannish Boys have carried this timeless tradition forward into the 21st century. The core of the band include an all-star cast of changing musicians with the current lineup of Finis Tasby, Bobby Jones, Kirk Fletcher, Frank Goldwasser, and Randy Chortkoff, joined here by an entirely new and incredible rhythm section comprised of Willie J. Campbell on bass (The James Harman Band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds) and Jimi Bott on drums (Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Woodbrain).

Shake For Me is the 5 year anniversary cd star studded with this current cast as well as guests like Nick Curran, Mike Zito, and Kid Ramos on guitar, Lynwood Slim, Mitch Kashnmar, and Rod Piazza on harmonica, Rob Rio and Fred Kaplin on piano, Johnny Dyer and Arthur Adams supporting on vocals and an unequaled brass section rounding out this collection of blues. The cd opens with "Too Tired" including Finis Tasby on vocals and Nick Curran on guitar embracing that famous Albert Collins style. That "Bo Diddly beat" can be heard in "Mona/Wille And The Hand Jive" with Bobby Jones and Mike Zito on vocals and Mike on lead guitar. Lowell Fulson's "Reconsider Baby" features Finis Tasby back on vocals and Frank Goldwasser and Kirk Fletcher on guitar. Bobby Jones returns on vocals for "Educated Ways" and the Otis Span tune "Half Ain't Been Told." Frank Goldwasser handles both vocals and guitar on "Number 9 Train." The Walter Jacobs number "Last Night" combines Finis on vocals and Rod Piazza on harp with Frank Goldwasser and Kirk Fletcher sharing the guitars. Bobby Jones is superb on the Ray Charles classic "Hey Now" joining forces with the aggressive guitar style of Kirk Fletcher on this tune and also Chester Burnett's "You Can't Be Beat." Finis returns to the spotlight in "Black Nights" with Kirk and Frank burning on guitar. Kirk Fletcher and Nick Curran tear into an instrumental titled "The Bullet" featuring Fred Kaplin on piano, Willie Campbell on bass and Jim Bott on drums. Bobby Jones once again takes charge as they slow things down on "Those Worries" featuring Lynwood Slim on the chromatic sharing harmonicas with Randy Chortkoff. Arthur Adams launches the down and dirty blues number "Raunchy" with his vocals and guitar. Johnny Dyer follows up with "Champagne & Reefer" featuring Mitch Kashmar on harmonica and Frank Goldwasser and Kirk Fletcher back on guitar. Bobby Jones returns on vocals for the last time singing "You've Got Bad Intentions" with Kirk Fletcher ripping it up on lead guitar. "Way Down South" features "Big" Pete van der Pluijm on harmonica and vocals and Kid Ramos on guitar.

I don't think I have ever had the pleasure to review a cd with group of stars this magnificent! This cd is worth twice the price!

Reviewed by Rick Davis

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