Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ready reviewed by Harmonica Joe

Motor City Women & Detroit Express
14 tracks/60:31

Motor City Women & Detroit Express has just released its first recording, "Ready". Are you "Ready" for this? Motor City Women are really six different and fine vocalists, who have all performed with numerous acts in the past. On this recording each singer performs as a solo singer with the other five women as background singers. This combination creates a lot of really outstanding harmonies.

There are 14 original tunes on the recording written by the vocalists of Motor City Women. The tunes cover a wide range of styles from blues to funk and rhythm and blues. All in all, it becomes a good mix of tunes.

The band on "Ready" is Detroit Express It consist of Steve Kohn (drums), Rick Zelde (bass), Dennis Burr (guitar) and Jim David on keyboards. Also joining the band on some tracks is Motor City Josh on guitar and percussion. The CD is also on Motor City Josh's recording label.

"Did He Mention My Name?," with Cheryl Lescon on lead vocals, gets this CD off to a roaring start! This tune, written by Lescon, is upbeat and really gets you in the mode for some rip-roaring music. The piano line by Jim David is really outstanding. This tune is one of my favorites on this CD.

"On The Road", featuring Elena Papillo on vocals, is another standout tune on "Ready". Elena with Josh Ford wrote this tune. This song has a Allman Brothers southern blues rock sound to it. Elena's has that deep sultry quality to it on this song. The guitar licks on this standout also. I think that Josh Ford id the guitarist on this one.

To me, "Are You Ready?” is the best blues tune on this recording. The lead singer, Lady T, is one fine blues singer. She can really belt out the lyrics on this tune as if she owns it. Add Jim David's keyboard playing and this is a really great tune for "Ready".

Having six full-fledged vocalists on one CD makes it hard to give them the credit and time they all deserve. They also all seem to be good lyric writers. The six singers on making up Motor City Women are Cheryl Lescom, Valerie Barrymore, Aja Sardis, Stacia Petrie Ford, Lady T and Elena Papillo. All of these ladies bring their own style to the project. They also become an awesome background group for each other on the recording. The Motor City Women & Detroit Express is "READY" to move on into the music world.

Reviewed by Harmonica Joe

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