Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He Said She Said reviewed by Harmonica Joe

He Said She Said
Peter Karp And Sue Foley
Blind Pig Records
14 Tracks - 50 minutes 3 seconds

"He Said She Said" is a very interesting music project. It all start with letters and e-mails between two performing musicians on the road apart. Both Peter Karp and Sue Foley stand alone as touring artist doing thier own acts. Having the two of them together in this CD format is really a unique experiance.

Peter karp is an accomplished guitarist, songwriter and performer.. He also plays some mean piano and organ. His main guitar influences were Elmore James and freddie King. His song writing ability is powerful, sincere, deep with feelings while telling a story as Bob Dylan, John Prine or John Hiatt would. Karp also has released "Shadows & Cracks" on the Blind Pig label.

Sue Foley is a well known blues and roots guitarist, singer, song writer and performer. She has released several recordings including "Love Coming Down" which won her a Juno award. In her travels she has shared the stage with the likes of Buddy Guy, B B King, Tom Petty and numerous other artist.

All of the 14 songs on "He Said She Said" were written by Peter Karp or Sue Foley.They have both let thier emotions and true feelings be revieled with the lyrics in these songs. Nothing has been left out or hidden.These stories are told as the two of them lived them. We can here

"Treat Me Right" is a straight forward blues tune. Karp and Foley alternate verses while telling the tale of a women not treating a man right. This is what the blues is about. "Honey, even a broke clock is righttwice a day, why don't you treat me right", is Karp line on this subject. Well, this is true, she should treat him right after all. With both of them playing electric guitars parts on this tune this is a great track to listen to.

On "Hold On Baby" we have harmonica wizard Jason Ricci with his very tastful blues harmonica style added. This is a real plus! "Hold On Baby" tells the story of whatever happens in your life that you should hold on to what is good. Peter Karp also shows off his slide guitar style here.. Another great tune.

The 14 tracks on "He Said She Said" hit the bases of several genres of music. Included in the mix are real blues, jazz, tango, folk and maybe some country. The lyrics are all about the blues. Peter Karpp and Sue Foley wrote the lyrics for these tunes with deep feelings, great meaning and powerful messages for us to listen to.Both of them also have there own style of guitar playing and singing. The mix of the two of them is a real treat to listen to. To get the true feeling of "He Said She Said' you must listen to the lyrics and get caught up in the music. Nice job on this Peter Karp and Sue Foley.

Reviewed Harmonica Joe

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