Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live At B.L.U.E.S. reviewed by Harmonica Joe

Live At B.L.U.E.S.
Jimmy Burns
Delmark Records
12 tracks

Delmark Records released "Jimmie Burns Live At B.L.U.E.S." in February of this year. This CD features the recently formed Jimmie Burns Band with Jimmie Burns on vocals and lead guitar, Tony "Fret Burner" Palmer on rhythm and lead guitar, Greg McDaniel on bass and James Carter on drums. The mix of music includes Chicago blues, soul, R&B, and a funky rock-type blues so there is something for all of us to enjoy.
Jimmie Burns has shared the stage with the likes of Buddy Guy, Magic Slim, Billie Branch and Pine Top Perkins to name a few. Although he has played various genres of music including soul, R&B, gospel and rock, he has now returned on this CD to the real deal blues. Jimmie's vocal style is very crisp country blues with easily understood lyrics and a lot of feeling. His guitar style has great tonal quality and ranges from slow blues to boogie type tunes.
Right from the first track of this CD, "Leaving Her Walking," you will know that this is one good recording. Jimmie's vocals and guitar solos grab you and make you listen. What a great tune to start with! Next is an upbeat tune written by Jimmie called "Better Know What You're Doing." This funky type song has some great lyrics and Jimmie's guitar solo will get and keep your attention. "Country Boy In The City" is another standout track. We get to hear Tony Palmer shine on this one with a really good guitar solo. Joining the band on B.B. King's tune "3 O'Clock Blues" is Jesse "Mr. Fortune Tellin' Man" Fortune. This tune is a great addition to this entire CD project as Jesse puts his whole heart and soul into his unique vocal style.
OK, I can't leave out the one harp tune on the CD. Jimmie does a fine job on the Little Walter tune "Can't Hold Out Much Longer" which is a really neat drag down blues tune. Jimmie's harp solo, in my opinion, is fantastic. I would have liked to have heard one or two more harmonica tunes.
If you have not heard Jimmie Burns, I would recommend that you get "Jimmie Burns Live At B.L.U.E.S." It is really one outstanding recording. This live recorded show is also on DVD with two bonus tracks. I would really like to catch this band live on stage somewhere. Jimmie Burns also has three other Delmark CDs: "Leaving Here Walking," "Night Time Again," and "Back To The Delta."

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