Friday, March 1, 2013

25 Years of Rock n’ Roll reviewed by Harmonica Joe

25 Years of Rock n’ Roll
The Bopcats
Eller Soul Music
17 tracks/53:31

Starting to review a CD with a title such as “The Bopcats 25 Years of Rock n’ Roll” is tough to do when doing it for a blues society. The road for the blues has been a long Hell hound journey so here it is. The Bopcats have been playing their type of music together for over 25 years. Lindy Farin is featured on guitar and vocals, John and Gary Farin share keyboard duties with several different bas players, drummers and horn players over the years. Along with this Lindy and Gary also write lyrics for their music.  The 17 tracks on this CD are a collection of recordings made by the Bopcats over the past 25 years. This group hits upon rock-a-billy, rock & roll, surfer sound and blues. All in all it is a fun recording to listen to.

The tune reaching into the genre of the blues are “Ventilator Blues”, written by Jagger-Richards, “Wheels Of Mine” a rock-blues boogie type tune and “Life Of Crime”. “Life Of Crime, written by Lindy Farin, is probably the standout track from this CD. TheBopcats are truly fine musicians and song writers for the type of music that they write and perform. They seem to have stood up to the test of time.

As stated before, “The Bopcats 25 Years of Rock n’ Roll” is not a straight forward blues recording. It is a strong example of a good band showcasing  the rock a billy, rock and roll music that they have been performing over the past 25 years. This form of music still evolved from the blues in a way somehow. Take the time to check out  “The Bopcats 25 Years of Rock n’ Roll.” 

Reviewed by Harmonica Joe Poluyanskis


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