Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deep Fried Satisfied reviewed by Harmonica Joe

Deep Fried Satisfied
Claude Hay
Self Released
11 tracks /40:27

Claude Hay’s new recording “Deep Fried Satisfied”, is very interesting to say the least! Being unfamiliar with Claude Hay I ventured to his web-site, www.claudehay.com.au, to check him out. Claude Hay is a very interesting musician. He builds his own instruments, including a  twin neck guitar and a sitar. Also he built his own home and converted his van into a tour bus with a kitchen and a recording studio.

As you may already realize Claude Hay may take a different direction in recording music. He is a very fine musician, song writer and performer. I checked out his videos on his web-site and was quite entertained. I am not familiar with the music looping technique but this is how Claude Hay does his performances. I guess that you play a bass line, record to play over and over. Then you add a guitar rhythm track plus a drum line. This all works so that Claude now has a one man band created. This creates a big music sound. All he has to do is add his vocals and guitar solos.  This is all very interesting and entertaining.

The opening tune on “Deep Fried Satisfied” is “Get Me Some”. This song is based on Claude’s fondness for New York style pizza. This tune grabs you right away as it starts out with really fine delta style slide guitar licks. I say that this a great start to a  blues CD review. Well I like pizza as much as the next guy but I am trying to review a blues tune.
“How Can You Live With Yourself” starts out again with Claude’s fine slide guitar licks. Then it slips into a Prince like vocal about stuff made in China. This is a good social comment. Claude does a fine job on his slide guitar solo on this tune.
“Deep Fried Satisfied” is a catchy tune about Claude’s affection for deep fried foods. This tune is kind of a rap type song about apple pie, whipped cream and chain restaurants.

As I said in the beginning, Claude Hay is a very talented musician, song writer and performer. He seems to be having much success touring Australia, Europe, the UK and USA.  I just may not be the right person to do a review of Claude Hay’s “Deep Fried Satisfied”. I may have been looking to hard to find a true blues recording and I can’t say that I have.

Reviewed by Harmonica Joe

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