Thursday, December 27, 2012

Delta Bound reviewed by Harmonica Joe Poluyanskis

Delta Bound
Mississippi Heat
Delmark Records
14 tracks/61:33

Pierre Lacocque’s, Mis-sissippi Heat, has been playing the blues for twenty years now in an ever changing style of their own. Having produced ten CDs with a varied group of musicians this band has developed a powerful sound with much emotion included. There is truly a deep feeling for the blues in all of the bands recordings. “Delta Bound”, released by Delmark Records, is the latest creation from this awesome group.

As a harmonica player Pierre is a very creative, tone filled and powerful example of what one should be. He has learned the styles of the masters, Sonny Boy William-son, Little Walter and others and has created his own unique sound. He is truly one great harmonica player. He has also developed talent for writing strong blues tunes. Along with these talents he is capable of putting together the musicians needed to perform the blues as he sees them.

“Delta Bound” is filled with a great mix of 14 tunes written by Lacocque as well as 2 written or arranged by Inetta Visor. Joining Pierre and Inetta on this recording include drummer Kenny Smith, Billy Satterfield on guitar, Joseph Veloz on bass making up Mississippi Heat at the present time. Also in the mix for this outstanding recording, Pierre has brought us many guest per-formers. Deitra Farr brings her powerful blues vocals into the mix of things on three tunes. Other guest players include Billy Flynn and Carl Weathersby on guitar, Chubby Carrier with the accordion and “Hambone” Cameron with the piano and keyboard. Also included are other fine musicians adding their touch to the great sound of this blues CD.

“Delta Bound” opens with an upbeat tune, “Granny Mae”, which features Lacocque’s harmonica and Chris Cameron on key-board trading really strong licks along with Inetta Visor’s bluesy, throaty and raspy vocals. Billy Satterfield and Giles Corey provide us a rousing guitar line on this tune also. This opening tune presents a great example of Pierre’s harp playing and Mississippi Heat’s full, rich and unique sound. “New Orleans Man” takes us on a trip down South for tale from Inetta Visor about her man. This track features Chubby Carrier’s accordion which just creates a great feel to this upbeat song that is accented by a strong drum line from Andrew Thomas. This is the type of song that will drag many dancers to the dance floor.

A special treat on “Delta Bound’ is the re-turn of vocalist Deitra Farr to sing on three tracks. “Sweet Ol’ Blues” is a standout tune with Dietra sing a true blues song with her powerful vocals. This is quite a treat to listen to. Billy Flynn puts out his great sound on the guitar along with La-cocque’s harp playing. This is one blues filled song! “Lemon Twist”, an instrumental tune, showcases Lacocque’s mastery of the harmonica. He has such a great tonal and dynamic quality to his playing that your ears will just reach out to take the sound in. He is truly one of the best harp players out in the blues world today. Joseph Veloz adds a strong bass line to this track as Johnny Iguana fingers the key-board and Giles Corey also plays a swell guitar solo to round out the sound. This is really a listen to tune on “Delta Bound.”

Mississippi Heat is forever changing but always holds on to the unique blues sound they are known for. The players, in the band, become different but always keep a high standard of presenting the blues to the fans. We can give Pierre Lacocque credit for keeping this high level of perfection in all of Mississippi Heat’s recordings and performances. “Delta Bound, on Del-mark Records, is right on the mark!

Reviewed by Harmonica Joe Poluyanskis

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