Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blue reviewed by Dennis Barker

Cassie Taylor
Hypertension Records
10 Tracks/32:47

Just 25 years old, Cassie Taylor has put together an impressive resume with 10 years of touring, per-forming and recording with her father, blues man Otis Taylor. She appeared as a vocal-ist on Gary Moore's 2008 release "Bad For You Baby",was part of RUF Records's "Girls With Guitars", with Samantha Fish and Dani Wilde, is a featured vocalist on "Bluesmasters Vol. 2", served on the board of directors of The Blues Foundation, and recently released her solo debut CD "Blue". Although not pure blues, some of the tracks are closer to pop, "Blue" is well done and worthy of a listen.

The sultry voiced and multi-instrumentalist Cassie lays down the bass groove and piano on all 10 of the self written tunes. Auto-biographical in nature these songs contain some very interesting lyrics. In "Make Me Cry", a tune about a no good lover, Cassie takes the direct approach with the opening line "Hey asshole, I wrote you a song". Later in "Waste Of Time", a lament about the last year of a failed relationship, Cassie says "the only thing harder than leavin' would be stayin' with you", she then adds "sure a beautiful waste of time", some of the best lyrics I've heard in a long time.

Another note worthy tune, "Spoken For", a dark bluesy song about discreet flirtations, features a twangy guitar complimented by some nice blues harp. "Goodbye" and "Make Me Cry", 2 very well done songs with interesting guitar, both lean more toward pop than blues.Next follows an interesting late night bluesy ballad "Haunted" by your love".

The closer, "Waste Of Time", has Cassie at her piano singing perhaps the best track of them all. "Blue" is not going to wow you the first time you listen, but it is a good effort by Ms Taylor. She is a rock solid bassist, an accomplished vocalist, and a better than average songwriter, but, as Cassie says, "Blue ain't no old mans blues".

Reviewed by Dennis Barker

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