Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boston Blues Works reviewed by Harmonica Joe Poluyanskis

Boston Blues Works
Various artists
Boston Blues Works
11 tracks/43:19

“Boston Blues Works Volume 1” is right out of the wrapper a recording that one cannot put away after just one listening! This CD contains 11 great old blues tunes interpreted by 11 different singers. Add 14 instrumentalists to this mix and we have almost 45 minutes of blues to remember. This format just gives a reviewer in a spot where he can’t give all the players the credit that they all deserve. This recording is really well produced, well arranged and highlights all the artist involved. There is a feeling that you are listening to a live blues show also. It seems amazing that this CD was recorded in just three days.
f you really like female blues singers, check out Rebecca Muir’s rendition of Willie Dixon’s classic tune, “I Just Wanna Make Love To You”. Her vocals grab at you with that raspy, heartfelt sultry quality that we all want to hear with a blues tune. A big plus on this track is Marty Rowen on organ packing the background with a whole bunch of awesome blues organ. You can kick back and enjoy this track over and over.

For the harp enthusiasts, “Boston Blues

Works” features two talented players, Ryan Hartt and Mike “Shark Bite” Ableson. On “Good Lovin’” Shark Bite fills the background with his mournful sounding harp and throws in some fine solo work for Cheryl  Aruda’s great vocals This tune is really a standout for me! Elmore James’ “Sho Nuff I Do” takes a different trip with Ryan Montblieau’s vocal rendition of this old blues classic. This is all good. Mike Ableson adds some harp solos to the mix of Jason Cohen’s piano and the strong bass line from Matt Giannaros. Milt Reder treats our ears to some really neat slow blues guitar also on this outstanding track.
“Boston Blues Works Volume 1” is a neat blues project crammed full of awesome blues. All 11 singers and 14 musicians are give their spot to showcase their abundant talents. They present the songs with the feeling that this is the way that I want to present it the blues fans. This is all good. Take the time to check out this CD. 

“Boston Blues Works Volume 1” will stick with you for a long time after you listen to it. Great job on this recording! The only complaint is that it is way too short, I want more.

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