Thursday, April 26, 2012

Isaiah B Brunt EP reviewed by Rick Davis

Isaiah B Brunt EP
Isaiah B Brunt
6 Tracks

Isaiah B. Brunt has been a top production person and studio owner for a number of years in Australia. He writes, sings and plays: guitar, slide, lap steel, piano and ukulele. His early influences came from hearing his father play the ukulele, blues harp, and lap steel. By the end of 1979, Brunt had formed a Rhythm & Blues band. Since then, he has collaborated on both blues & gospel recordings as well as various other styles of music,  working with some well known International artists. Isaiah won the title as 2010 Sydney Blues Society Performer of the Year and was talented enough musically at last year's IBC to be one of the few to be reviewed in the Memphis Daily News.

On his new CD EP, he captures the early traditional sound of the roots of blues dating back to the early 1900's similar to tunes like "Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground" by "Blind" Willie Johnson, reminiscent of the bottleneck blues style on the resonator guitar. All six tunes on the CD were written by Isaiah Brunt, drawn his own personal experiences. He plays harmonica, slide guitar, does all the vocals, arranged the first five numbers and collaborated with Sean Choolburra on the last song. "Pathway Home" was a song written about him returning home to the blues. "Shadowy Place" was written about a close friend who suffers from bipolar disorder. "Ain't No Rolling Stone" is a song about him reminiscing about his mother. The special woman in the his life was inspiration for the next cut "Whispers In My Head." "Great Ocean Blues" was a song with a haunting overtone about the 2009 Tsunami that hit American Samoa. The CD concludes all too soon with studio jam entitled "Where Is Your Man" with Sean Choolburra joining Isaiah using an Australian wind instrument (Didgeridoo). 

Isaiah B. Brunt is relatively new to the blues scene but has all the experience needed to produce a first class traditional roots blues CD. Each song is expertly written, arranged and performed.

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