Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Time Bomb reviewed by Tom Dimwiddie

Time Bomb
Sue Foley, Deborah Coleman, Roxanne Potvin
Ruf Records
11 Tracks/40:43

Ruf Records has teamed up three of their Blues artists, Roxanne Potvin, Sue Foley and Deborah Coleman to form the “Blues Caravan”. These three Blues women are currently touring the country in support of their collaborative album “timeBomb”.

The “Blues Caravan” starts with a fast paced romp highlighting the musical diversity of the three Blues Guitar Women with the title track, “timeBomb”, written by Sue Foley.

As the trip unfolds, each woman takes turn sharing their individual style and insight on love and life. Each song portrays a different level of a woman’s emotions. The three blend their harmonies as they support each other throughout this album.

The first stop is Roxanne Potvin’s rendition of Naomi Neville’s “Hittin’ on Me”. In this song, Roxanne makes it clear to her man that she is tired of his broken promises. “You promised me a mink… I ain’t seen mink, rat or rabbit.“ She repeatedly tells him “I’m so tired of your talk, talk, talk, so get your bags and walk, walk, walk.”

Sue Foley takes the wheel with her Pink Paisley Telecaster and distinctive sing/talk style, lamenting life on the road in her song, “So Far”. She moans of “signs tell you where to go, but ain’t no sign can tell you where you’ve been.” Continuing to wail, “My heart is so far from me.”

In a dramatic tempo change, Deborah Coleman picks up on Roxanne’s sediments with her take on James Brown’s “Talking Loud”. Deborah let’s her man know, in no uncertain terms, that he “can’t tell her what to do” or “which way to go”. She also makes it perfectly clear that he is constantly” Talkin’ loud… and sayin’ nothin’.”

The Trio continues, in turn, to take us through two more solo sets. The second set features songs written by the three, Roxanne asks the question “are my arms Strong Enough to Hold You”. Sue takes us to her a bygone era in her song “Show Me”. Again, Deborah picks up the pace with “Motor City”. In this track, Deborah makes you feel like you are on the road with her heroine. “She started to ride without a second thought… Don’t even know what road she’s on”.

In the third and final solo set, the three start to come to some conclusions as to what they want in their lives. Roxanne realizes she has had enough and it’s time to “Get up” and look for peace. Sue pleads for her man to come home in “Two Moons Gone”. While Deborah warns her man “Don’t Start the Car, if you ain’t gonna drive”.

The final track reunites the three in a house rocking party tune. In turn, the three ask, “Where can you go… when the money’s low; do the ‘cuda and Jerk ‘til your feet get sore; for the comforts of home and the nightclubs too; to get real funky like Dr. John? The answer… “In the Basement, that’s where it’s at!”

If you can’t join these three on the “Blues Caravan”, maybe you can get lucky and party with them In the Basement.

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