Monday, September 7, 2009

Tear This World Up reviewed by Harmonica Joe

Tear This World Up
Eddie C. Campbell
Delmark Records
14 tracks

Eddie C. Campbell's new CD, "Tear This Word Up", is another fine example of Delmark records’ effort to keep the blues alive. This CD features 14 tunes, 8 written by Eddie C. Campbell, and over 60 minutes of Eddie's powerful guitar licks and unique vocals. Eddie throws some funk, jump, boogie, swamp music and just about everything else at us on this CD.

Muddy Waters was Eddie's early influence for the blues. This and his close relationship with Magic Sam Maghett helped make Eddie the fine blues artist that he is. "Easy Baby" and "Love Me With A Feeling" are two Magic Sam tunes that Eddie has chosen to include on this CD; of course he has put his own touch on both of these great tunes.

The list of well known blues artist that Eddie C. Campbell has performed with include Jimmie Reed, Koko Taylor, Little Walter, Howlin' Wolf and Willie Dixon to name a few. Also "Tear This World Up" is the right title for this CD as Eddie has played for most of the World. He has played in England, Holland, Germany and Brazil.

On "Tear This World Up", Eddie has surrounded himself with some of the best musicians around. Eddie does all the vocals, acoustic and electric guitar. Driving the band is Marty Binder doing a powerful job on the drums and Dario Golliday bringing up the bass line. This is good stuff. Mojo Mark Cihlar harmonica playing is very impressive. Sam Burckhardt and Juli Wood add the saxophones with Chuck Parrish on trumpet rounding out the horn section. Add Karl "Lil' Daddy on piano and organ and Marty Sammon on piano and we have one powerful blues band.

The opening track on "Tear This World Up" is "Makin' Popcorn'“. This sets the stage for over an hour of some great blues listening. Mojo Mark Cihlar's harp playing and Marty Binder's drum line grab at you right from the start. This is a kind of boogie, funky, shuffle slower tempo but powerful tune. Eddie's guitar playing is showcased on this one. The lyrics are innuendo laced and provocative. The vocals make you pay attention here.

"Tie Your Time Up" features more of Eddie's unique voice including his falsetto hooks that kind of just grab your ear. This is a tune about wasted time but it is not wasted time listening to it. Marty Binder's drumming is a constant addition to this track also. Eddie's powerful guitar style gets shown off on this track. This is really good stuff.

Throwing in a Gershwin tune, "Summertime", is just a big plus for me. Eddie's vocals on "Summertime" standout so they can be noticed. Add his awesome guitar solos to the track and we have a tune you will want to listen to many more times.

Eddie C. Campbell's, "Tear This World Up", does just that. Delmark has made a right choice on this release. Eddie states in the tune, "Bluesman", which he wrote, "I'm a bluesman, I've played with everyone." Listening to "Tear This World Up", one realizes that Eddie C. Campbell truly is a "Bluesman".

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