Monday, September 7, 2009

Headin’ South On a Delta Breeze reviewed by Harmonica Joe

Headin’ South On a Delta Breeze
Rich Berry
11 tracks/38:01

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Rich Berry at the Quincy Area Blues Fest in Quincy,IL. It had been 3 or 4 years since they have had an acoustic blues artist at the fest. This was a special treat.

Well, they made a good choice by picking Rich Berry from Kansas City, MO. Rich has been a musician for over 40 years. For the past 7 or 8 years he has been an acoustic Delta blues performer. Rich's style stays true to the Delta blues tradition.

Rich Berry is a real one man blues band. Besides doing a fine job on the vocals, and writing the tunes, Rich plays acoustic slide guitar, harmonica, and a porch foot box of his own design. He truly has the sound of a four piece delta blues band. This is some really good stuff.

"Headin' South on a Delta Breeze" is Rich's fourth CD release. All of the songs on "Headin' South on a Delta Breeze were written by Rich Berry. He does a fine job of maintaining his own identity on all of them also. Most of Rich's tunes are about a women leaving you, what a women does to you, how they effect your sleep and just about everything else in one's life. Oh, we can also throw in some whiskey to the mix! Rich adds his fine finger pickin' style guitar, slick slide guitar work, well placed harmonica solos to his lyrics; it makes for one heart felt Delta blues CD, at least to me!

The title track, "Headin' South on a Delta Breeze", is an up tempo tune that showcases just about everything that Rich Berry is all about. He is all about playing the Delta blues how they should be played. There is not a hint of cheap commercialism in any of his work.

His lyrics are just about true, real life situations facing man on a daily basis. "Headin' down south on a delta breeze, got to go where a man can do what he please. Going to get there any way I can", tells us about true life blues. Rich also does fine harmonica solo on this tune.

For all of you Delta slide guitar, harmonica blues lovers, I would suggest that you check out Rich Berry's CD, "Headin' South on a delta breeze". For samples of Rich's songs go to Rich Berry's delta inspired blues can only be phurchased by contacting Rich by e-mail as of right now. E-mail him at for details. CD's are $13 each shipping included. Rich also has a DVD with eight tunes on it.

It was a pleasure meeting both Rich Berry and his wife at the Quincy Area Blues Fest!

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