Monday, July 22, 2013

Rolling Soul reviewed by Steve Jones

Rolling Soul
Hadden Sayers
Blue Corn Music
12 tracks

Hadden Sayers return to the limelight with 2011’s Hard Dollar put him squarely in position to relaunch his career.  On the album was the cut "Back to the Blues;" it was nominated for the Song of the Year Award at the 33rd Annual Blues Music Awards and, in fact, was my favorite new song in 2011.  I was excited to get Hadden’s new CD in the mail to review and I was not disappointed when I listened to it– it is another big hit!

Ruthie Foster returns to guest on a track.  “Lay Down You Worries” was written while Sayers was in Cancun.  The song reflects that the people in one’s life is what is most important to us.  Foster and Sayers were made to sing together.  They compliment each other so well and get into a groove together that is so natural and easy to listen to.

Sayers write a love letter to his wife in “The Man I Am Supposed to Be.”  Parts of it remind almost me of “Back to the Blues” wit it’s homey and loving charm.  Sayers can really emote in his work, something that impressed me so much in Hard Dollar and again in this CD. The opening track “Don’t Take Your Love Out on Me” has Sayer’s growling out a tune focusing on the other side of a relationship and has a blistering guitar lead and solo that was passionate.

“Tippin’ In” is a swinging tune, with Hadden bopping and bouncing as he flips over his gal as is "Crazy enough;" Sayers can make you want to dance or cry oh so effectively.  The closing tune “Can’t Get You Off of My Mind” blends some sweet sounding slide into the mix and Sayers gives us another solid performance.  “Insomniac Blues” takes it slow and Sayers strips it down effectively.  He groans out the tune as he yearns for his women.  In “Alone With the Blues” I wanted to male sure he had no sharp objects near by as he bares some very dark emotions.  Very edgy and cool!!

All the cuts here are great. Sayers has another solid effort and once again has delivered a killer CD for us to enjoy.  I really recommend this one!'

Reviewed by Steve Jones

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