Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tales from Lenny's Diner reviewed by Rick Davis

Tales from Lenny's Diner
Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce
Self released
11 Tracks

If you haven't heard Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce prepare yourself for the most dynamic west coast swing blues band of the year and a blues voice that will capture your soul! Sabrina is on of those gifted blues singers that could successfully handle any tune written. She has been performing professionally over 20 years. At live performances, Sabrina is a natural entertainer captivating her audiences with her stage presence. She has shared the stage with such performers as Colin James, Powder Blues, and Steppenwolf. Their debut CD Tales from Lenny’s Diner reached #1 (#12 overall) on the Roots Music Report Blues Music charts. "Top of the Charts" report rated the CD in the top 100 new releases in 2010/2011. The CD is currently receiving airplay throughout the world. The rest of the stellar musicians on this album are Mike Hilliard (lead guitar), Ed Hilliard (drums), Ken Sell (bass), and Bill White (rhythm guitar). These artists are all very well known both locally and nationally, and have at least 30 years each of musical experience. Additional artists include, Dave Webb (keyboard), Linda Kidder (BG vox), Vince Mai (trumpet), and Jerry Cook (saxes).

From the opening track, "Boogie Downtown" to the closing notes of the last track, "Independent Woman", Tales From Lenny's Diner delivers some of highest caliber tunes that I have heard for a long time especially for a debut album. The production of the CD was handled quite well , by Jack Lavin, of the Powder Blues Band and recorded at the Crying Light Studios in Vancouver. "Boogie Downtown" and "Fingers In My Pocket" deliver a high-spirited, commanding set of swing numbers guaranteed to keep your feet moving in every direction. "Something's Got a Hold On Me," an Etta James tune, opens with a great gospel sound, sliding smoothly into a rollicking tempo. "Thinking Of You" features some of the best guitar solos on the CD, combined with Sabina's irresistible, alluring vocals. Sabrina & Swing Cat Bounce will send a shock wave through you as they open with "Bad Boys" showcasing this powerful swing blues band. Sabrina slows it down with sultry, steamy, vocals captivating you with "Detour" along with a torrid sax solo and background vocals. The band delivers a stormy big band blues sound on "Ain't My Time To Sing the Blues." Sabrina returns with seductive vocals on "All That Love." She captures the female audience belting out tunes "Wrath of Mom" and "Spend a Little Time" completing the album with the female anthem "Independent Woman."

I think you will agree that this swinging boogie blues band stands out as one of the best in the blues world today. It is easy to see why Sabrina & Swing Cat Bounce is receiving the national recognition after listening to Tales From Lenny's Diner.

Reviewed by Rick Davis

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