Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Go reviewed by Harmonica Joe Poluyanskis

The Go
Hunter Wolfe & ARE
13 tracks/43:14

Hunter Wolfe & Are have just released their self produce CD “The Go.” Hunter is a 19 year old slide guitarist, vocalist and song writer. Joining him to form this dynamic duo is his 15 year old sister, ARE. She is a very solid drummer as well as a song writer for this project. “The Go” is filled with 13 well written meaningful tunes by Hunter and ARE. They create a rocking type blues feel without glitz and glitter and do tend to drift away from the blues genre as we know it.

Hunter has been a performer twice at the International Blues Challenge Showcase and also a Blues Foundation Generation Blues recipient. He has also been on stage with Honeyboy Edwards as well as doing a 10 day tour in London England. ARE, at her young age, has also shared the stage with several other groups as well as co-writing this CD. Both Hunter and ARE are very accomplished musical artist. These tunes contain some deep dark lyrics from such young writers. These lyrics take your mind to a place that makes you pay attention to them .This is not a bad way to go.  Check these two out on their web-site.

“Your Death (is killing me)” is a well written up tempo that showcases Hunters slide guitar style. He does some really fine guitar playing on this track. ARE’s steady drum beat is ever present though out the entire song. Adding Cassie Taylor on bass was a good plus here also. The lyrics are very strong here. “Yes I love you, but your death is killing me” seems to take us to a dark desperate place. This tune, to me, is the best blues tune on the CD. Cassie Taylor joins Hunter on “Letter” in a really good vocal duet, as well as putting her bass playing into the mix. This combination has a good bluesy quality with plenty of Hunter’s guitar soloing and a swell vocal mix. This is a good tune.

Hunter Wolfe and Are have done a fine job of writing the tunes, playing on the recording and producing their first CD, “The Go.” As a blues recording, it is what it is. As they say, “they are playing the Blues a little outside the lines.” Yes, the genre of the blues has been stretched on this recording but it is still good to listen to. This is the road they choose to take. I do hope that Hunter Wolfe & ARE release a full blown blues recording someday.

Reviewed by Harmonica Joe.

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