Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Future Blues reviewed by Harmonica Joe Poluyanskis

Future Blues
Patrick Dodd Trio
Patrick Dodd Music (self-released)
7 tracks/29:43

Patrick Dodd, born and raised in Memphis, has been on the blues scene for many years. Having a good run with the Patrick Dodd Trio in the mid 90’s he left music to raise his family. Now, after ten years, he is back with a band to release his first CD, “Future Blues.” This recording features seven songs written by him. The band for the disc was only formed about a month before going into the studio to record. Dodd is a really talented guitarist with the ability to take time for the music to flow and have good phrasing in his solos. His vocals are of a gritty, gnarly type with maybe an Allman Brothers quality to them.  With the addition of Harry Peel on drums and Landon Moore on bass this band has a country, rocking blues sound to it. You can check their web-site for more band information.

“Evil Ways’ is one of the CD’s really true, grab your attention blues tunes. This track features some rock solid guitar playing from Dodd along with his bluesy vocals and lyrics. Also on this tune there is a really strong bass line, from Landon Moore, taking us down the blues highway. Everything on this song is held together with the solid drum beat of Harry Peel. To me this is a very outstanding addition to “Future Blues.’

“Restless Soul” is a well written gospel type blues song. It is very apparent this was written with deep emotion from Patrick Dodd. This was written for a friend that left this world way too early. All the vocals have a heartfelt and meaningful tone to them. The addition of the piano and the background singers is really a plus on “Restless Soul.” Patrick’s guitar solo has a sad, whining, tearful quality that really grabs the ear. I also really enjoy this tune.

At only about thirty minutes in length “Future Blues” lacks the time needed to really showcase the bands’ ability to show us all of the talent they have. It leaves me with the feeling that I want to hear more of the Patrick Dodd Trio! I enjoy the whole package presented to me, the band, the vocals, the lyrics, song choices and their approach to the “Future Blues.”

Reviewed by Harmonica Joe

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