Monday, January 9, 2012

Leave the Light On reviewed by Rick Davis

Leave the Light On
Sena Ehrhardt Band
Blind Pig Records
10 Tracks

Sena Ehrhardt grew up with blues music in the Minneapolis-area. Her greatest influence was her father, a local blues guitarist extraordinaire playing in the area. Ed Ehrhardt recognized Sena's potential so they decided to establish the Sena Ehrhardt Band. Sena chose to record ten compositions that she co-wrote with her father for their debut album Leave The Light On. This dynamic father/daughter duo of Ed and Sena Ehrhardt teaming up with bassist Steve Hansen and drummer Tim Hasler are currently touring the midwest to promote their new album. Sena's vocals are sharp, articulate, and incisive, belting out all ten numbers on the CD. Ed provides smooth rhythm guitar and fiery guitar solos throughout the entire album.
Sena will make you a believer on the opening tune "My Bad" with straight ahead traditional hard driving blues. The title track "Leave the Light On" is a mixture of blues, funk, and jazz driven by the sultry, seductive vocals from Sena. "On the Clock" opens with an extraordinary guitar solo combined with the best vocals on the entire CD. You can hear the strong persuasion in Sena's voice on tunes "Lovers Can't Be Friends" and "The Best Thing" as she sings straight from the heart! Ed adds some powerful guitar solos on both tunes. The band delivers some steady rollin' blues on "Same Team" with Sena offering good advice. "Last Chance" is tune with a slow Texas beat as Sena lays it on the line by stating "this wasn't your second chance it was your last chance." Ed follows with some down and dirty guitar riffs. Once again that strong conviction can be heard in her voice as Sena convinces her audience "you are the one that sustains me" on the tune "Hear Me" backed once again by a terrific performance by the band members. "Hear Me" opens with a boogie woogie beat and then explodes with Ed's searing guitar solos and Sena's gritty, soulful voice. Leave The Light On concludes with a funky tune "Fool Out Of Me" with Sena echoing the warning "don't make a fool out of me."

If ever there was a lady born to sing the blues it is Sena Ehrhardt! This is an album I would have to file as one of the best of the year. Ed Ehrhardt is one of the most impressive  guitar in the business! This is one of the hottest bands performing today. Their debut album tells the story.

Reviewed by Rick Davis

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