Monday, September 19, 2011

The Late Show reviewed by Bob Haendler

The Late Show
Barry Levenson
Rip Cat Records
15 tracks/1 hr 17 min

If you love blues guitar (and I do ), this CD is a must have. What a terrific platform for showcasing Barry Levenson’s  immense talent. With 10 of the 15 tracks being instrumentals one would think that your ears would grow tired from being assaulted by wailing guitar. Definitely not the case here. Levenson  plays with the clarity and simplicity of knowing what notes “not to play”. Add in guest vocals  like Finis Tasby, Mary Williams and Johnny Dyer and they have created a joy  to hear. We get good old West Side Chicago blues as well as  tunes that will bring Stevie Ray’s Riviera Paradise to mind. Barry’s love affair with his Fender guitars has seduced me into falling in love with his playing.

This CD is highly recommended.

Reviewed by Bob Haendler

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