Monday, September 19, 2011

In The Light reviewed by Bob Haendler

In The Light
Susan Wylde
Sun, Moon & Stars Entertainment
12 tracks/48 minutes

Susan Wylde has attracted much attention  in Canada where she is  a classically-trained conservatory graduate. This work is a pleasant mix of original songs and covers.  When  thinking of ways to describe this CD words  like “smooth”, “mellow”,”laid back” came to mind. Yes, there is a definite jazz atmosphere produced but still some very good blues. Susan’s song writing and piano are top-notch.  Her supporting cast  of remarkable musicians make each song a joy to listen to: Dave Morrow,Denis Keldie, Martin Aucoin- keyboards, Jack deKeyzer, Pete Schmidt- guitar, Alec Fraser- bass, Rick Donaldson- drums, percussion, Colleen Allen, Turner King- tenor sax, Dave Dunlop- trumpet, coronet, Jerome Godboo, Paul Reddick- harmonica, and Jasmine Bailey- backing vocals.  These all are mentioned because the  “band”  was flawless and are  a large contribution to the CD.

Tracks that stand out :
One Real Man  original shuffle
Love Me All Night Long original
Three Hours Past Midnight  Johnny”Guitar” Watson cover
In The Light original
Georgia On My Mind Hoagy Carmichael cover
The last two songs are covers of The Thrill Is Gone and At Last.  These songs done in Susan’s laid-back style left me thinking that the thrill was indeed gone.  There was nothing bad in the songs, but if you are going to cover a classic song give it your own twist or angle. She did not convince me with these selections. The CD would have been improved by dropping them.

At the end of the day this is an easy listening blues CD that I really did enjoy. Drop it in your  player, pour a glass of wine and relax.

Reviewed by Bob Haendler

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