Thursday, December 27, 2012

Detonation reviewed by Harmonica Joe Poluyanskis

Dave Fields
Field Of Roses Records
12 tracks/63:13

“Detonation”, Dave Fields’ 3rd CD, is correctly named because it explodes with his powerful guitar style. Fields has packed 12 self written, lyric filled, and full of hot guitar solos tunes, backed by a strong band into over one hour of awesome music. Dave’s style of guitar playing reflects a strong influence from both Jimmie Hendricks and Stevie Ray Vaughn. He incorporates very strong rock and psychedelic elements into much of his guitar playing. His band is one fine group of musicians that includes Vladimir Barsky on keyboard, Andy Huenerberg playing bass and Kenny Soule adding drums to the lineup. Doug Hinrichs also adds percussion on most tunes.

Opening “Detonation” with “Addicted To Your Love”, Dave Fields lets us know that he is a strong Hendricks-SRV rock filled guitarist. His vocals and lyrics are excel-lent on this track. Barsky’s organ stands out and is a great addition to the mix of this tune. This full blown rocker is a great way to open the set. “Doin’ Hard Time” which features the great blues artist, Joe Louis Walker, is a really neat blues song. Fields and Walker trade off slide guitar solos as well as vocal verses. This mix is great to listen to and takes in the talents of these two artists. The lyrics tell the story of a lost love and leaves us with the thought of “ I’m doing hard time but I’ve committed no crime – but I admit to be guilty of lovin’ you”. The chorus seems to tell the whole story. This is another really good tune.

The best blues track, by far, on “Detonation” is “Pocket Full Of Dust”. This is another one of those love that’s gone astray and the pain that follows story. Dave shows us the true story of the blues with the lyrics on this tune. He tells us the tale of “since I lost my baby, I ain’t got nothing but a pocket full of dust”. Fields’ blues guitar stands out as he takes his time going into this tune along with a very tasteful organ line filling in the spaces. “Pocket Full Of Dust” is truly a full blown blues track that is a highlight for this re-cording. Going in a completely different direction Dave takes us to the reggae world with “Bad Hair Day”. This is one of those fun to listen to songs with great lyrics. Here his guitar work is complimented by Delmar Brown’s organ and a neat vocal rap. This is all good stuff that shows us another side of Fields’ music skills.

Detonation” is a solid showcase of Dave’s ability to play many genres of music along with a strong blues influence. He seems to be more of a blues “ROCKER” guitarist that writes strong lyrics, surrounds himself with quality musicians and presents his style of music well. As a blues recording it may not stand up to the genre but it is one very enjoyable CD to listen to. This is all good.

Reviewed by Harmonica Joe Poluyanskis

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